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Punjab Silage Private Limited aims at helping indian dairy farmers achieve higher efficiency and productivity of their farms by providing them international standards products and services.

  • PromaizeTM Silage by Punjab Silage Private Limited is India's most trusted baled corn silage. Our teams are constantly on the ground to monitor every detail during the entire manufacturing process and delivery.
  • Punjab Silage Private Limited has set up a state of the art corn silage baling plant in Rajpura, Punjab. The plant is backed by modern technology and years of extensive research.
  • Punjab Silage Private Limited uses perfect blend of best in class packaging methodology, seeds and inoculants to produce highest quality corn silage.
  • Punjab Silage Private Limited has collaborated with various global companies to deliver premium quality products and services.
  • Punjab Silage Private Limited delivers high quality corn silage (animal fodder) all year round, across India, at affordable prices.

Our Infrastructure

We are India’s most trusted corn silage company serving over 1000 dairy farms pan India. We use exclusive machinery from Europe and America for making high quality corn silage bales