Wheat Silage

Wheat Silage by Punjab Silage Private Limited is an excellent source of protein and helps in overall health of the dairy animal.

  • better health with increase in milk output
  • high energy fodder for dairy animals
  • affordable price - more feeding flexibility
  • easy to use and can be fed instantly
  • compact size bales for better space management
  • UV Protected with Shelf life up to 18 months
  • available throughout the year
  • can be fed to cows, buffaloes and bulls
Packing Size:

Wheat Silage is available in 100kg and 500kg bales.

Recommended Dosage:

The recommended dosage varies from animal to animal but a minimum of 10-12 kg is considered desirable for an animal on daily basis.


Available all around year

Helps increase Milk Productivity

Highly Nutritious and Tasty Fodder