Promaize+ by Punjab Silage Private Limited is India’s most trusted corn silage. We ensure that the best quality corn silage is made available to the dairy farmers.

  • The golden brown or greenish yellow color and the pleasant fruity smell of PROMAIZEsilage will speak for itself.  
  • Promaize+ has Increased nutritive value that includes ideal protein, fat, fiber, pH, dry matter & moisture content.
  • Promaize+ silage is liked by animals because of mild-acidic taste and pleasant aroma. It is highly palatable  and digestible.

We are dedicated to providing the best quality corn silage nurtured with our incredible value systems and service to meet our customers’ needs. PSPL conducts rigorous tests at every stage to pass on the following benefits to the PROMAIZE family:

  • better health with increase in milk output
  • high energy fodder for dairy animals
  • affordable price - more feeding flexibility
  • easy to use and can be fed instantly
  • compact size bales for better space management
  • UV Protected with Shelf life up to 18 months
  • available throughout the year
  • can be fed to cows, buffaloes and bulls

PROMAIZE+ Nutrition Profile