corn silage bales

Our mission & vision - Increase Milk yield of Dairy Animals

PromaizeTM Baled Corn Silage/Maize Silage by Punjab Silage Private Limited - Most Trusted Corn Silage Manufacturer in India. We offer the highest quality Corn Silage in compact bales for cows.

Our mission
To help Indian Dairy Farmers achieve higher efficiency and productivity of their farms by providing high quality products and services.

Our Vision
To supply highest quality corn silage all over India that is nutritious and free from toxins. It is our ambition to help dairy farmers reduce their overall feeding cost and increase their income in a sustainable manner.

Feeding high energy corn silage will increase milk of cows and other dairy animals. We offer corn silage at the best price all year round. Call now for home delivery of corn silage in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat MP, UP etc.

Call now on 9855007007 to understand the importance of corn silage and buy corn silage online in India.