Our teams are constantly on the ground to monitor every detail during the entire manufacturing process that includes:

Proper hybrid seed selection: We help farmers source high quality hybrid seeds that produce good grain yields and high nutrition corn silage. The hybrid selection is done on basis of various factors such as: area where the corn will be grown, disease resistance, insect tolerance and in some cases, drought tolerance.

Superior planting, watering, fertilization, weed and pest control practices: Our field team works with the farmers and support them in key areas like planting, irrigation, proper fertilization and pest control. This ensures maximum yield to the farmer and good quality corn silage crop.

Harvesting at correct plant maturity/moisture content: Harvesting at the correct moisture promotes favorable fermentation in the silage crop and decreases nutrient losses, so moisture content should be the determining factor for when to harvest. Corn silage is made by harvesting crop at 30-35% dry matter.

Correct chopping/kernel-processing practices: With help of the most advanced chopping technology, it is ensured that the crop for corn silage is chopped finely and uniformly for good packing to quickly eliminate oxygen and establish a good fermentation process.

Use of a beneficial, research proven inoculants for fermentation: Inoculants of highest quality are used to increase corn silage fermentation, improved stability on re-introduction to oxygen, reduced dry matter loss, improved animal performance and in general improve the quality of the silage being fed.

Baling & Wrapping: We use European Baling Technology to compress the chopped crop and create corn silage bales that are dense, well shaped and have an airtight seal. Acetic acid and Lactic acid are formed during the fermentation process inside the bales that continues for almost 3 weeks.

Transportation: PSPL has a vast network of logistics across the country to deliver PROMAIZE+ silage bales to your doorstep at affordable prices any time of year.